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VHS2DVD is a hobby and not a registered business, it is strictly non-profit and provided as a service.

The professional software I use performs noise, hiss, crackle, scratch reduction, and can enhance the resulting sound, especially for use with 5.1 Sound Cards in PCs or home theatre DVD/DVD equipment. Only when I am completely satisfied with the quality of the result do I transfer the recordings to DVD. The surface quality of the original source material greatly influences the quality of the material transferred to DVD.

To produce full-colour Jewel Case inserts, The Studio scans the original record cover (if available) and types out the full track list, with individual track duration. The Studio prints a colour DVD label. Where no cover exists, as in the case of many old 78s, The Studio chooses an appropriate graphic for the Jewel Case front cover. The Studio uses Verbatim Audio DVDs, when available, and running speed up to 52x. These are 78 minutes in length and can be played on any DVD player.

Should you wish to supply a compilation list together with your LPs, The Studio welcomes these. Put all your favourite music together on one DVD. This could be as many as 28 tracks; or even more in MP3 format. to transfer to your iPOD!

The Studio also converts audio sources to MP3 to be played either on your computer's DVD drive or a dedicated MP3 player (such as a DVD device, or iPOD) with a maximum speed of 52x. This way you can get up to 10 hours of music on one DVD. MP3 Stereo is very heavy on electronic resources but the stereo reproduction quality can be astounding!

Approximate Prices

VHS to DVDR250.00 per video
Add the cost of DVD, DVD Covers,
Track Lists and Labels
R30.00 per DVD

Unless otherwise arranged and stated, the following financial conditions apply: VHS2DVD prefers cash or internet transfers for payment, but not cash deposits into the bank account due to "cash handling fees". Crossed cheques are not accepted due to the restrictions on cheque clearance imposed by banks; however CASH cheques are welcome.

Should you consider these prices high, please feel free to search the internet for others' prices, services, talent, ability, attention to detail, accuracy, audio quality, and the like. -->

For further information, please contact:

Ian Samson Sound Studio
Telephone: 011 431 0820
Facsimile: 086 551 4790 (no area code required)
Location: 7 Camelot, 21 Lords Avenue, corner Louise Street, Windsor West, 4 streets north of Cresta Shopping Centre, on the Beyers Naude Drive side. Find us on Google Earth at "21 Lords Ave, Randburg, South Africa". From outer space you are landed on our building. Amazing technology! However, Louise Ave on the graphic is actually Louise Street, and Camelot is located on the North East corner.

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